caitlin (xcrystavelx) wrote in freedomtospeak,

Freedom Fries – The American Dream

Independence Day, and again I’m asking the impending question:
What does this independence mean?
Because the colors of my flag are not red white and – blue
And my allegiance does not lie with – you.

Independence Day and sparks are flying
While millions of white, middle class families look to the sky
For security?
I’m looking to the ground for something more.

But this soil is used and abused
And the cattle don’t graze here anymore.
They live crammed in boxes
In torn down forests
Lined up for slaughter
Packaged under cellophane and fed to the American children
Through slurpy straws at old McDonalds,
Who once had a farm
But now just owns a slice of corporate America.

And left to search out the horizon,
Yet finding nothing,
I’m depending on myself
Seeing her handwriting written in blood red across these turquoise walls,
Fading into the paint
As I scream and break through this mold
I’m locked inside
Inside this dream
That turned out to be a nightmare
And now my nights are filled
With images of bombs and bloody babies
And if this is what independence means
Than I’d rather show my brilliance
In the colors of aqua, maroon, and sienna

Because this “American Dream” is drenched in deceit
And im sitting back starring
At an American flag
flying from every car window
Screaming the French fry flavored fallacy this country is inhaling
--or wait. Sorry was that “Freedom Fries”?
Because this freedom is just a disguise
And I’m uncovering my own guilt
On the hilt of an American sword
Which is cutting the throats of kids just because they look like sinners
While fundamentalisms
Force my sisters into poverty,
Billboards still promote pictures
Of happy, whole, white families
In cute blue cars
Driving down the American frontier
With a red sunset to their backs
While corporate executives run every election
And CEO’s are filling up her nose with a new brand of addiction
Im fighting back the only way I know how,
Which is not much, and wont really get me much of anywhere,
Because this freedom of speech
Only applies if your speech is written for the ears
Of the American Aristocracy

But hey, all im asking for, is a little more
Because I swear I do this every day
And now Im just waiting for someone to turn, hear me screaming
Still knowing nothing could be loud enough to drown out the president’s loud speaker
Not even the screams of millions of dying families across the world
Im searching out the crowd
For one single face that’s looking this way

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