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I've created a community that's intended to act as a virtual poetry slam. Rather than simply submitting poetry, poets are encouraged to post audio recordings. It's the next best thing to reading at a slam, plus you'll wind up with constructive criticism to better your performance for next time.

Please swing by and take a look...


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Hey people, I'm new to the community. I've been experimenting with slam poetry for a little bit and I want to interact with some people who have been doing it too.

This piece seems kinda long, but I think it reads pretty fast.

Scientific Infatuation

At half past seven,
I find myself wondering.........
I ask you
“Where are we going?”
All you do is smile.
That smile of yours.
The one answer that leaves me tongue-tied.
Robs me of all the words that would normally be at my disposal,
and puts all my arguments,
all my ifs, ands, and buts to rest.
Leaving me,
But even so,
helpless as I am,
I’m still happy.

I step back.
I take a breath.
I find my words again,
and I ask you
“What is this?”
Explain it to me.
Explain to me why I’m always in a rush, when I really have no place to go.
But then, in your presence, I can have the most important things in the world to do, and not even care.

And then,
that’s when I
To high school.
Physics class.
Gently rocked into slumber by the lullaby
E = MC…......
MC some shit!!
I don’t know!!!!
Who the fuck cares!!!!!

I’m asleep.
And as I sleep,
bits and pieces of
scientific jargon,
and quantum bullshit,
that I think I’ll never use
softly drift into my brain,
and unbeknownst to me,
decide to stay.

And those bits and pieces
decide that now is the time to make themselves known.
Because out of nowhere,
my physics teacher’s voice rings out.
So clearly that,
for a moment,
I feel like I’m 16 again.
I hear it,
and it says,
“Every phenomenon in the universe, be it natural or man-made, is the direct result of cause and effect.”

Cause and Effect.

That’s what it is.
A playful smile on your lips,
causes me
to see
My large hands resting on your soft hips
causes you
This interaction,
has the effect
of stopping time.
Freezing motion.
Holding us in place.
So that

Physics class again.
“Every action has an equal and opposite RE-action.”
We lock eyes on the elevator.
We’re both on our way to the same class.
You smile gently.
Toss your head to the side.
The beads in your braids rattle.
Like the laughter of small children.
“Every action has a re-action.”
So I react to the sound by saying “Hello.”
You react to me by saying “Hi.”
I react to your response by asking “How are you?”
You react by answering “Fine, and you?”
I react by saying “’’
The ball is rolling.......
When will it stop?
I don’t know.
I don’t really want it too.......

Physics class again.
“Energy is neither lost nor destroyed, only transferred.”
You speak my name,
and the energy your voice creates makes beads of sweat percolate to the surface of my brow.
As speak to me,
Warm breath passes my throat,
and the energies it carries makes the hairs on the nape of my neck to stand at attention.
You rest your hand on mine.
Your fingers pulsate with energy that transfers to me.
Excited nerve endings
release waves of electricity
that ripple across the surface of my skin.

I pull my hand away from yours.
I’m afraid,
I don’t want you to get shocked.

These sensations that you cause in me have the effect of sweet pollen on bees,
candy on small children.
The energy that you impart
manifests itself in everything I am.
The soft,
yet unforgiving grasp you hold over me.
The quiet whisper in my ear that I can’t explain.
And all of it
is explained,
more or less,
through shit I didn’t even know I learned
in my high school physics class,
and that’s funny to me,
because as it turns out........
is one class
that I

Feedback would really be appreciated. Thanx.

National Poetry Slam in St. Louis

I'm planning on taking in my first Nationals ever with a group of friends but we are all pretty intent on not breaking the bank in order to do so. There are three of us who will be traveling down from Southern MN. If anyone has any advice on monetary short cuts we could take it would be more than helpful. I've also heard that volunteering is a great way to make the most of the week, any thoughts on this from veterans of this competition? Much love to all.
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Look at her shoes
They're really funky
Damn, that bitch
Looks like a monkey
Cant stand her ass
For more than a second
Everything I'm sayin
Yeah I meant it
NOw I'm gonna diss
That fucking hoochie
Whos got fleas
Up in her coochie
Damn, that slut
Needs to dress better
Looks like her mom
Has never fed her!

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Freedom Fries – The American Dream

Independence Day, and again I’m asking the impending question:
What does this independence mean?
Because the colors of my flag are not red white and – blue
And my allegiance does not lie with – you.

Independence Day and sparks are flying
While millions of white, middle class families look to the sky
For security?
I’m looking to the ground for something more.

But this soil is used and abused
And the cattle don’t graze here anymore.
They live crammed in boxes
In torn down forests
Lined up for slaughter
Packaged under cellophane and fed to the American children
Through slurpy straws at old McDonalds,
Who once had a farm
But now just owns a slice of corporate America.

And left to search out the horizon,
Yet finding nothing,
I’m depending on myself
Seeing her handwriting written in blood red across these turquoise walls,
Fading into the paint
As I scream and break through this mold
I’m locked inside
Inside this dream
That turned out to be a nightmare
And now my nights are filled
With images of bombs and bloody babies
And if this is what independence means
Than I’d rather show my brilliance
In the colors of aqua, maroon, and sienna

Because this “American Dream” is drenched in deceit
And im sitting back starring
At an American flag
flying from every car window
Screaming the French fry flavored fallacy this country is inhaling
--or wait. Sorry was that “Freedom Fries”?
Because this freedom is just a disguise
And I’m uncovering my own guilt
On the hilt of an American sword
Which is cutting the throats of kids just because they look like sinners
While fundamentalisms
Force my sisters into poverty,
Billboards still promote pictures
Of happy, whole, white families
In cute blue cars
Driving down the American frontier
With a red sunset to their backs
While corporate executives run every election
And CEO’s are filling up her nose with a new brand of addiction
Im fighting back the only way I know how,
Which is not much, and wont really get me much of anywhere,
Because this freedom of speech
Only applies if your speech is written for the ears
Of the American Aristocracy

But hey, all im asking for, is a little more
Because I swear I do this every day
And now Im just waiting for someone to turn, hear me screaming
Still knowing nothing could be loud enough to drown out the president’s loud speaker
Not even the screams of millions of dying families across the world
Im searching out the crowd
For one single face that’s looking this way

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People dying has always hit me. People I know, people I know of. Princess Di, Buddy Hackett, Gregory Hienes, Johnny Cash, John Ritter, all of them any of them. Wow. Someone's alive, then they aren't. Every time it happens I think, shit.

So who's next?

Care to make a guess?

Angela Lansbury I think.
George Bush Sr.
Dick Van Dyke
Dick Van Pattan (or is he dead already)

But they are old, that's pretty easy.

How about young and healthy and shit.
Come on all you morbid freaks out there.
Not who do you want to die, who do you think will be next?
The next BLAM! car crash, or drug OD or bullet in the head...

One of the Olson Twins
Brittany Spears
Margaret Cho
Leonardo DiCaprio

Hey, how about Tom Hanks. That fucker's had a better career than he ever deserved. Why bother seeing him grow old?
Amy Brown - Favorite Faerie

Another Rant - They've got money. WHO CARES?!

OK Before I go back to my homework I've got one more bone to pick. It doesn't happen often but when it does I get pissed off. I am a student. I go to school full time, I'm looking for a job, and until I find one my Mom is helping me out. My school has always been taken care of by my Mom and dad, however I no longer am willing to accept my dad's money.

My dad is very rich. He's (as of last January anyway) on his second Ferrari, and if he doesn't drive that, he has a choice between a Mercedes, a Jaguar, and a Lexus to drive to work in the morning. He and my step Mom just a built a brand new, state of the art 10,000 square foot house on the water front of Lake Washington. Last I checked there were 4 boats in the dock in the front of the house, and they've acceded above the old fashioned "Hey so and so, telephone!" to paging around the house on an intercom to inform people when they have guests or phone calls.

Ay know what? None of that stuff means anything, because there isn't a single person in that house that is living happily. I lived there from the end of the summer before my 5th grade year, until I was 20. Ya know what else? My standard of living was reduced to survival instinct! I was afraid of my father's wrath! We didn't have a close family like any of the other people I knew did. Even some of them didn't think they had good families, but at least they'd admit to not being afraid of getting their heads slammed through a wall or being told on a daily basis that they were failures, disgraces, or all around losers.

There's more to it than that, but I don't need to elaborate for my purposes here. If you've got a beef about me being born to a family that's got a 7 or 8 figure income DEAL WITH IT! I paid my prince, it cost me my fucking childhood! It cost me the all the social knowledge that I should have right now, but instead I'm struggling to learn!

If I'm a spoiled rich wealthy brat, then tell me why I refuse to extend myself to make with that bastard of a father I have? Tell me why when I had the opportunity for them to build me my own apartment on top of their house free of charge, pay for all schooling and living expenses, I REJECTED it!

There's more in this world than money. Being born at the top of the economic later has enabled me to see what most people never will. These people, your "superiors," the power players in society live their lives telling you that they are better than you, and damn it if your actions don't say that you agree! Don't you all get it? When you're looking down from a position of wealth and power, everyone is a pawn. There's no humanity left in you and your dead to the world in which you've striven to succeed in.

There is NOT a price that can be placed on my soul, my SPIRIT can NOT be BOUGHT! To hell with their diamonds, monster sized house, and luxury vechicals! It's a house full of walking corpses that don 't know their dead yet. I survived by looking like them, or at least detaching myself from normal human wants and desires for the time being. I did what I had to. I lived in a box with the shades closed and only what I thought could not be forcibly taken from me (yes, even I was a pawn -- even their own damn children! ). My role was to make them feel like they had control.

I've distanced myself now. I'm wounded, and have been shaped by experience, but I am not a corpse!

If you weren't born to luxury, that's fine. If there are things that are difficult due to finance that's fine too. Stop bitching about it. You have a soul. Be thankful for that. If you want to be like them, start viewing everyone you meet as an object. Go for it, I dare you.

If you just want to get through school, why don't you take half the time you spend bitching at me, and start researching education assistance programs! Jesus! I used them and I'm a "rich kid." You can do the same! I happen to know that you can get at least $2, 000 per quarter per school year from the government if you're not being claimed dependent in mere grants! If you want your school bad, write some fucking essays and work on some scholarships! There are thousands of them out there. If you can write a decent term paper, then you can do on e of these.

I swear, some people just like to feel sorry for themselves. I know this feeling, but I don't have to like it. Open yourself. There's ALWAYS a way, bitterness gets you no where. Ironically many of the "successful" people that you're living in the shadows of will tell you the same thing.
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